Vegetarian Light Lunches Cooking Recipes

Vegetarian Light Lunches Cooking Recipes

Vegetarian recipes and dishes for the middle of the day need to be easy to prepare and there are plenty of ideas here that will appeal to children and adults alike. Filling dishes such as Bubble and Squeak, Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin, and Bulgur and Lentil Pilaf are good for chilly days, while in the summer Baked Potato with Tomatoes, Ratatouille or Spaghetti with Herb Sauce are sure to please.

  1. Armenian Ragout of Lentils, Squash, Apricots

  2. Baked Polenta with Tomatoes

  3. Bean Salad with Artichoke

  4. Brandy Butter

  5. Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin

  6. Brown Bread Sauce with Pecans

  7. Brussels Sprouts and Chestnuts

  8. Brussels Sprouts with Honey Ginger Glaze

  9. Bubble and Squeak

  10. Bulgur and Lentil Pilaf

  11. Cheese Potato Slices

  12. Corn and Peanut Fritters

  13. Cracked Wheat and Cashews

  14. Crisscross Potatoes

  15. Chive Omelette Stir Fry

  16. Courgettes and Peppers au Gratin

  17. Cucumber and Radish Raita

  18. Eggs with Spinach and Cheese Sauce

  19. Farmhouse Stew

  20. Fresh Asparagus Polonaise

  21. Igor's Special

  22. Italian Walnut and Parmesan Gnocchi

  23. Leek and Courgette Bake

  24. Lentil and Vegetable Lasagna

  25. Mache Chowder

  26. Mahvelous Millet Loaf

  27. Mediterranean Suet Parcel

  28. Onion and Thyme Tart

  29. Pan Bagna

  30. Pasta with Broccoli and Artichokes

  31. Pasta with Spring Vegetables

  32. Quinoa Primavera

  33. Basmati Rice

  34. Peppers with Brown Rice and Walnut Stuffing

  35. Ratatouille

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  1. Three Nut Mayonnaise

  2. Tomato Dressing

  3. Tomato Risotto

  4. Saucy Beans and Franks

  5. Spaghetti Squash with Julienne of Vegetables

  6. Spaghetti with Herb Sauce

  7. Spinach and Cheese Dumplings

  8. Spinach and Courgette Pate

  9. Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

  10. Spring Rolls

  11. Stir Fried Vegetables

  12. Stir Fried Summer Vegetables

  13. Sweet Corn Pancakes

  14. Vegetable Lasagne

  15. Vegetable Moussaka

  16. Vegetable Pasta Carbonara

  17. Vegetable Platter

  18. Vegetable Ramen

  19. Vegetable Tempura

  20. Warm Rice Salad with Peas, Artichoke and Sun-Dried Tomatoes


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