Corn and Peanut Fritters Recipe

Corn and Peanut Fritters Recipes

Ingredients :

125 g self raising flour

1/2 tsp slat

1/2 tsp powder mustard

pinch of cayenne pepper

1 Grade 3 egg

10 g melted butter or margarine

150 ml cold milk

4 rounded tbsp cooked and drained sweet corn

25 g salted peanuts, chopped

shallow fat or oil for frying

Method :
  1. Sift flour, salt, mustard and pepper into a bowl.
  2. Beat in whole egg and butter or margarine.
  3. Whisk in milk to make a smooth, thick batter.
  4. Stir in sweet corn and peanuts.
  5. Brush a heavy based frying pan (non-stick for preference) with melted fat or oil.
  6. Heat until very hot then pour off surplus into a cup or fritters will stick.
  7. Drop small mounds of mixture, about 4 at a time, into pan.
  8. Flatten slightly then cook until bubbles break on the surface and undersides are golden brown.
  9. Flip over and cook second sides until golden.
  10. Repeat, using up all the mixture.
  11. Place Fritters, as they are cooked, between folds of a tea towel to keep warm.
  12. Serve as suggested.

Serves 4 - 6

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