Aubergine and Pine Nut Salad Recipe

Aubergine and Pine Nut Salad Recipes

Ingredients :

450 g aubergines

boiling salted water

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 Grade 2 hardboiled eggs, shelled, coarsely grated

25 g pine nuts, lightly toasted

1/2 Webb or Cos lettuce, shredded, washed, dried

1 carton (142 ml) soured cream

2 tbsp natural yoghurt


1 tsp salt

50 g black olives or 6 canned anchovies or 1 washed red pepper, de-seeded and cut into strips

Method :
  1. Peel aubergines.
  2. Dice and cook in boiling salted water and lemon juice for 5-6 minutes or until only just tender.
  3. Keep pan covered throughout and avoid overcooking.
  4. Drain and cool completely.
  5. Put into mixing bowl with two thirds of the egg, pine nuts and lettuce.
  6. Beat together soured cream and yoghurt then thin down with milk to a thickish pouring consistency.
  7. Season with salt.
  8. Add to salad and toss.
  9. Transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with either olives, anchovies or pepper strips and the remaining egg.

Note :

Try this one with kebabs tucked into warm pitta bread, with roast lamb, or with grilled and fried chicken.

Serves 4 - 6

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