Do We Have to Eat Salad Every Day ?

Do We Have to Eat Salad Every Day ?

Two words: No Way. You have a nearly endless array of full-flavored grains from allover the globe, some of them dating from antiquity like millet and quinoa (KEEN-wa); pastas plain and fancy; beans of every shape, size, color; peas, filling winter vegetables and light crunchy summertime ones; and fruits and berries in all the colors of the rainbow. And with a little help from our recipe chapter, you'll find it's easy to bring them all together in marvelous innovative ways not that vegetarian cooking has caught the attention of mainstream chefs and other food professionals.

There's not a chance of becoming bored with the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available year round. Use them in salads, stir-fries, soups, stews, side dishes, main dishes, casseroles, desserts, spreads and dips. Mother Nature has done a marvelous job of matching your tastes and energy level to each and every season, so choose your food in season for maximum taste and nutritive value. Like many people, you will probably tend toward cool, crisp cucumbers and melons in the summer, and the heartier textures of winter squashes and melons in the summer, and the heartier textures of winter squashes and root vegetables in fall and winder. Don't forget to include lots of leafy green vegetables like kale, collards, mixed lettuces, and mustard, turnip, and beet greens, plus cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower all year long.

You'll learn how to use plants instead of meats to create satisfying meals. And contrary to popular belief, vegetables and fruits do not play the only role in a vegetarian diet. Think of them more as side dishes used to dress up and complement the grains and starches that are the true building blocks of most meatless entrees.

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