Different Types of Vegetarians

Different Types of Vegetarians

The first thing you should know about being a vegetarian is that you have more than one choice of who you want to be.There are a few different types of vegetarians, which are explained below. Part-time vegetarians, people who say, "I'm a vegetarian - I'm only eating red meat once a month", really don't fit into any of these groups. These people are considered to be in transition, interested in eating more healthfully and potentially on their way toward eliminating animal products altogether.

Here is a rundown of the three vegetarian groups:

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians : Possibly the most popular choice among new vegetarians. They do not eat any animal flesh but do use dairy products and eggs.

Lacto Vegetarians : Do not eat any animal flesh or eggs but do use dairy products.

Vegans : The most complete of all vegetarians, vegans do not eat animal products of any type, including animal flesh (red meat, chicken, pork, fish, shellfish), dairy products, eggs, or honey.

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