Savory, Snacks Cooking Recipes

Savory, Snacks Cooking Recipe

Buckwheat - No a true grain, but the seeds of a plant known as Saracen corn or wheat. It is very popular in Russian and Middle European cookery. The grain is normally roasted before cooking. Buckwheat flour is fine and dark with a strong savory flavor, and is most often used in batters.

  1. Aloo Saag

  2. Caponata

  3. Cashew Nut Roll

  4. Cheesy Peppers

  5. Crunchy Vegetable Loaf

  6. Enchiladas with Vegetarian Bean Stew and Tomatillo Sauce

  7. Gado Gado

  8. Panir Mattar

  9. Pepperoni Pizza

  10. Pita Pocket Vegetable Melt

  11. Phyllo with Spinach, Raisins and Rosemary

  12. Savory Add a Crunch

  13. Sweet Corn Fritters

  14. Sweet Potato Pea Tagine

  15. Tote Along Vegetables with Dill Dressing

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  1. Winter Vegetable Casserole with Cheese Topping

  2. Winter Vegetable Platter with Rouille

  3. Zesty Nacho Platter



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