Savory Add a Crunch Recipe

Savory Add a Crunch Recipes

Ingredients :

2 cup

8 tbsp

1/3 cup

1/3 cup

1/4 tsp

rolled oats

butter, melted

grated Parmesan cheese

wheat germ, unprocessed bran or chopped nuts (optional)

onion or garlic salt

Method :
  1. Combine all  the ingredients thoroughly in an 11-by-7-inch microwavable baking dish and distribute well.
  2. Microwave on high 100% for 8-9 minutes, until the mixture is a light golden brown.
  3. Stir the mixture after every 3 minutes of cooking.
  4. Cool and serve.

Makes about 3 cups

Adding wheat germ, bran of your favorite chopped nuts to this snack mixture makes it especially crunchy and immediately turns it into your own creation.

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