Warm Beetroot Salad Recipe

Warm Beetroot Salad Recipes

Ingredients :


5 tbsp

1 tbsp

1 tbsp




olive oil

white wine vinegar

fennel, grated

large onion, peeled and sliced

butter or margarine

freshly ground black pepper, to taste

chives, to garnish

Method :
  1. Top and tail the beetroot.
  2. Wrap each one in foil.
  3. Bake in a moderate oven 180C (350F) for an hour or until they are tender when tested with a toothpick.
  4. Cool until you can handle them, peel off their skin.
  5. Cut beetroot into strips, whisk together oil, vinegar and pepper.
  6. Pour over the beetroot.
  7. You may not need all of it.
  8. Sprinkle with fennel.
  9. Sauté the onion in butter until it is tender and golden.
  10. Pour over the beetroot.
  11. Mix gently, garnish with chives.

Serves 6-8

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