Aubergine Preserve Recipe

Aubergine Preserve Recipes

Ingredients :




125 ml

185 ml

375 ml

small, long aubergine

garlic cloves

celery stalk, cut into thin sticks

olive oil

spiced herb vinegar

refined peanut oil


Method :
  1. Wash the aubergine and remove the stalk ends.
  2. Slit the vegetables in half lengthwise almost through to their ends.
  3. Sandwich small pieces of garlic between two sticks of celery in each aubergine, then fasten the two sides of each aubergine together with wooden cocktail sticks, previously soaked in water to make them pliable.
  4. Pack the aubergines close together in a casserole dish and pour the olive oil over.
  5. Cook gently over a medium heat, turning the aubergines over, until they just start to turn brown.
  6. Cover the casserole with a lid and simmer for 4 minutes.
  7. Remove the lid, add salt to taste and pour the vinegar over.
  8. Continue cooking, turning the aubergines over several times until the cooking liquid evaporates.
  9. Removes from the casserole and allow to cool on greaseproof paper.
  10. Check that the garlic, celery pieces and toothpicks are in place.
  11. Arrange the vegetables in a glass storage jar, making sure they are fully covered by the peanut oil.
  12. Seal the jars and store in a cool place.

Served with green or black olives, this preserve can be eaten as a starter or heated up as an accompaniment to meat dishes.

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