Peas, Beans, Pulses Cooking Recipes

Peas, Beans, Pulses Cooking Recipe

Snow peas are so tender and delicate that they are eaten shell and all! Snow peas are wider and thinner than other peas and best served crisp - either blanch them or lightly stir-fry. Green beans , whether common (French) beans or runner (climbing) beans, are slender and crisp. You can tell a good bean if it snaps easily when broken. Look for bright, blemish-free beans. Peas are sweet and delicate in flavor and can be used in a great variety of dishes. Look for peas with bright green, shiny pods.

Bean Sprouts are endlessly versatile ingredients to add to salads, vegetable stir-fry mixtures, sandwich fillings and Chinese style dishes. Almost any bean or grain can be sprouted but remember grain sprouts take about 3 days to sprout whereas beans and lentils need 4-7 days. Mung beans, aduki beans, alfalfa and whole lentils are popular and easy to sprout.

Cooking Tips for Beans and Legumes

Different Types of Beans

Health Benefits of Beans and Legumes

How to Sprout Mung Beans

  1. Adzuki Bean Simmer

  2. Autumn Chick Pea Casserole

  3. Baked Lentils with Sausages

  4. Basil Lentil Stew

  5. Barbecued Bean Bake

  6. Bean and Pea Soup

  7. Bean and Vegetable Casserole

  8. Beans Parisienne

  9. Borlotti Bean Goulash

  10. Boston Baked Beans

  11. Braised Broad Beans

  12. Broad Beans with Bacon

  13. Butter Bean Pie

  14. Cheesy Bean Dip

  15. Cheesy Refried Beans

  16. Chick Pea Flan with Oat Pastry

  17. Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Spinach

  18. Curried Lentils

  19. Deviled Green Beans

  20. Farm House Beans

  21. Fenugreek Dip

  22. Ful Medames

  23. Green Lentils Pancetta Plum Tomatoes

  24. Herbed Green Beans

  25. Honey Baked Beans

  26. Hoppin John

  27. Hummous

  28. Italian Style Green Beans

  29. Jumping Bean Bake

  30. Lentil and Tomato Bake

  31. Lentil and Vegetable Stew

  32. Lentil Garlic Pate

  33. Lentil Rissoles

  34. Marinated Green Beans

  35. Mexican Beans

  36. Mixed Baked Beans

  37. String Beans with Almonds

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  1. Lentil Soup

  2. Minestrone Soup

  3. Split Pea Soup

  1. Celery and Kidney Bean Salad

  2. Rocky Mountain Bean Casserole

  3. Calamari with Snow Peas Mangetout

  4. Pepper Bean Pot

  5. Red River Chili

  6. Roman Lentils

  7. Rosy Dhal

  8. Southern Baked Beans

  9. Southern Bean Pot

  10. Soya Pate

  11. Soya Roast

  12. Spinach Chickpea Flan

  13. Sprout Stuffed Tomatoes

  14. Summer Beans and Sprouts

  15. Summer Lentil Stew

  16. Vegetable Crusted Cassoulet

  17. Vegetable Pate

  18. Vegetable Strudel

  19. Winter Succotash


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