Lotus Stems In an Exotic Curry Cooking Recipe

Lotus Stems In an Exotic Curry Cooking Recipes

Ingredients :

800 g

250 g



30 g

5 g

2 g

2 g

6 g

1-500 kg


lotus stem (kamal kakri)

mustard oil


cloves (laung)

green cardamoms (choti elaichi)

fennel (saunf) powder


cumin (jeera) powder

cinnamon (daalchini) powder

black cardamom (bari elaichi) powder

yoghurt, whisked

Method :
  1. Scrape away the skin of the lotus stems.
  2. Cut into 11/2" long pieces, discarding the ends.
  3. Wash well and drain.
  4. Heat the mustard oil in a kadhai (wok) and deep fry the lotus stems till they are half cooked.
  5. Drain and keep aside.
  6. To the same kadhai (wok), add water and the lotus stems, bring to a boil, add all the spices, mix in the yoghurt.
  7. Cook till the curry thickens and the lotus stems are tender, stirring regularly.
  8. Remove into a serving dish and serve hot.

Serves 4

Preparation time : 10 minutes

Cooking time : 30 minutes

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