Indian Vegetarian (Vegetable) Recipes

India Vegetarian (Vegetable) Recipes

India is perhaps the only country in the world where vegetarian cooking actually has a tradition, an ancient one at that. A large part of India is vegetarian in its food habits, Not surprisingly, there are strong regional differences in vegetarian cuisine, which makes for an exceptional richness and variety of flavors and preparations.

Vegetarian eating can be a joy with your exploration of the Indian vegetarian cuisine. Also included is a separate section on accompaniments with a range of exotic Indian breads, rice preparations and mouth-watering desserts.

Introduction to Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Indian Vegetarian Recipes - Snacks and Starters
  1. Aloo Kachori

  2. Assorted Fritters

  3. Basmati and Nut Pilaff

  4. Batter Coated Stuffed Tomatoes

  5. Bedvi

  6. Broccoli and Carrot Pulao

  7. Cauliflower Stuffed Parantha

  8. Chappatis

  9. Cottage Cheese Kathi Kebabs

  10. Daal Makhani

  11. Khandvi

  12. Khasta Kachori

  13. Lemon Rice

  14. Lentil Curry Sambhar

  15. Lentil Kebabs

  16. Masala Poori

  17. Mattar Kachori

  18. Naan

  19. Parantha

  20. Peas Pulao

  21. Rasam

  22. Rice Flour Pancakes (Dosa)

  23. Sesame Seed Coated Cheese Kebabs

  24. Steamed Rice Flour Patty (Idli)

  25. Tandoori Potatoes

  26. Vegetable Biryani

  27. Yam Kebabs

Indian Vegetarian Recipes - Stir Fry

  1. Cottage Cheese in a Pickled Curry

  2. Cottage Cheese Tawa Masala

  3. Kadhai Paneer

  4. Masoor Dhal

  5. Mushroom Capsicum and Cabbage Curry

  6. Spinach with Cottage Cheese

  7. Stir Fried Mushrooms

  8. Tangy Aubergine with Coconut

Learn how to cook Vegetarian Recipes

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Indian Vegetarian Recipes - Curries (Curry)

  1. Baby Corn Sabzi

  2. Dum Aloo Bhojpuri

  3. Gram Flour Dumplings in a Tangy Yoghurt Curry

  4. Hyderabadi Chili Curry

  5. Lotus Stems in an Exotic Curry

  6. Minced Peas and Potatoes

  7. Potato and Paneer Dumplings in Curry

  8. Shahi Paneer

  9. Stuffed Potatoes in a Fenugreek and Spinach Curry

  10. Tomatoes Stuffed with Mushrooms

Indian Vegetarian Recipes - Tandoori

  1. Cauliflower Seasoned with Ginger

  2. Cottage Cheese Seekh Kebabs

  3. Cottage Cheese Tikka

  4. Crispy Cauliflower

  5. Crunchy Okra

  6. Stuffed Capsicum

  7. Stuffed Courgettes Teenda

  8. Tandoori Cottage Cheese Salad



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