Weight Loss Programme

Weight Loss Programme

A slimming diet aiming for a weight loss of about 0.5kg/ week should have a deficit of about 500kcal/ day. Such a diet can be designed with simple restrictions of the normal food eaten and requires no extra products. Also, there is no need for vitamins/ minerals supplements as long as the diet includes variety of foods. Restricting the 'normal' food intake is not only cheaper than special diets rather it is better and has long-term advantages. A good slimming centre or dietician will guide you in the proper food choices.

A moderate weight loss programmed does not require vigorous exercise. For long-term success, it is better to choose an activity that can easily incorporated in daily lifestyle. Do not expect wonders from, for example, half an hour running on a treadmill. There will be lots of water loss, but the actual fat loss is relatively little. To lose half a kg of fat may need as much as 10 hours running, depending on speed and body weight. A more realistic goal would be to start with 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily and increase this to one hour a day when your body has adjusted to the increase in activity levels.

A moderate diet using normally available products in combination with moderate exercise asks for a change in lifestyle, and that is exactly needed for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance. Remember, there is no short cut, as we are not talking about short-term quick weight loss, but rather, a sustainable long term fat loss and improvement in fitness and health.

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