Salt Crystal Lamps - Benefit your Health

Salt Crystal Lamps - Benefit your Health

European homeopathic claim that salt crystal lamps can have a positive impact on overall health and physical conditions. Made from natural salt crystal rocks dating back millions of years ago, these lamps have been carefully crafted to retain the unique, natural and beautiful shape of the rocks. Mined from over 500 yards underground from the foothills of the Himalaya, which till today is one of the most serene and undisturbed regions of the world, explosives are strictly prohibited during the mining process to preserve the structure of the crystals.

Salt crystal lamps come in a range of gorgeous natural colors - ranging from off-white to apricot and warm pink. When you switch on the lamp or light a tealight in it, healthy negative ions rises from the surface of the salt crystal, cleaning and improving the quality and freshness of the air your breathe.

The environment we live in today has far more sources of positive ions than negative ions. Negative ions are good for us, and there needs to be enough negative ions to ensure the right amount of balance in the air we breathe in daily. Everyday human activities and the use of electrical appliances - like the TV, radio, computer, etc - produce a high amount of positive ions, which is the key reason behind the deterioration of our physical and emotional well being.

Crystalline rock salt is a natural ionizer that improves the quality of air by producing negative ions - also known as the "Vitamins" of the air. Negative ions can be found in billions in areas such as mountain tops, waterfalls and by unpolluted sea. Which is why we feel so fresh and invigorated when we are at such places. So for those who had like to breathe air as fresh as that found on mountain tops or waterfalls, in their homes of offices, you may want to consider getting a salt crystal lamp for yourself.

Besides a comfortable bed for you to sleep on to relax yourself at the end of a tiring day at work, there are other ways to ensure a good and pure night's sleep. The air that we breathe in daily consists of many electronically charged particles known as positive, negative or neutral ions. To ensure optimum health, there must be a healthy balance of these ions.

Crystalline rock salt is a natural ionizer, and having these salt crystal lamps in your home or office will help improve the quality of negative ions, also known as the "vitamins" of the air.

In Europe, the use of these salt crystal lamps is recommended by bionergotherapists and homeopathist as a natural treatment to many health conditions, including hypertension, rheumatism, hormonal imbalances, migraines and fatigue. The beautiful and rich color of these salt crystal lamps are also known to be useful in color therapy. So for those who yearn for a better, purer environment, you may want to discover the secrets behind these wonderful healing lamps.

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