Common Stomach Pain and Ailments

Common Stomach Pain and Ailments

Understanding Common Stomach Pain

Stomach discomfort is caused by many factors - mainly by something that you've consumed, which may not agree with you. Unknown to many, stress too plays an important role in causing stomach discomfort.

The intestinal tract's function is to make food supplies available to the body. Whatever is not absorbed by the body is excreted at the end of the tract. The intestinal system is a long tube. Food passing through the alimentary tract isn't "in" the body until it has been absorbed through the intestinal wall at some point.

It's a common fact that when you are busy, anxious, depressed or just stressed out, eating habits take a dive for the worse. It is during these times that you:

- Over-eat or lose your appetite

- Eat too quickly

- Binge on spicy and greasy food and "sinful" foods such as chocolates and cakes

- Eat irregularly

- Consume too much caffeine and alcohol

When all these happen, your stomach takes the brunt of the overload. However, the stomach is smart. In no uncertain terms, it tells us by several ways that it is not feeling good. Some of these ways are:

- Indigestion

- Stomach ache

- Flatulence

- Vomiting

- Poor appetite

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