Wholemeal Pancakes Recipe

Wholemeal Pancakes Recipes

Ingredients :

100 g wholemeal self raising flour

pinch of salt

1 egg

300 ml milk

oil for frying

Filling :

50 g seedless raisins

4 tbsp clear honey

pinch of ground nutmeg

Method :
  1. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl.
  2. Make a well in the center and add the egg and half the milk.
  3. Beat well and gradually beat in the remaining milk to make a smooth batter.
  4. Heat a little oil in an 8" (20cm) omelet pan.
  5. Pour in enough batter to coat the base thinly.
  6. Cook until the pancake has set and the underside is golden brown.
  7. Turn with a palette knife and cook the other side.
  8. Lift the pancake on to a plate and keep warm over a pan of hot water, covering the pancake with a clean cloth.
  9. Repeat the process until all the batter has been used (this recipe should make 8 pancakes).
  10. Mix the raisins, honey and nutmeg.
  11. Spread each pancake with some of the mixture and fold in quarters.
  12. Serve at once.

Note :

These pancakes have a spiced honey filling, but they may be served with jam, cream cheese, cooked dried fruit, or lemon juice and sugar.

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