Grain Recipes

Grain Recipes

Half the world's population relies on rice for nourishment.

Barley - A very old food crop, but now mainly used for brewing. Pot barley is the complete grain with outer bran, and is the most nutritious form of the whole grain. Pearl barley is more widely available, and the oval cream-colored grains are smooth and polished. Barley flakes are also available and also barley flour which has a distinctively sweet flavor. Barley flour is low in gluten-forming proteins and is not suitable for yeasted breads, unless mixed with wheat flour.

How to Cook Rice, Porridge

How to Shell and Peel Fave (Broad) Beans

Nutritional Benefits of Wholemeal and Wholegrain Breads

Sprouting Grains, Beans, Pulses

More Grain Recipes More Vegetarian Vegetable Recipes

  1. All Grain Gems

  2. Apricot Fingers

  3. Brussels Sprouts and Chestnuts

  4. Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce

  5. Cilantro Walnut Tabouli

  6. Cilantro Walnut Tofu

  7. Creamy Corn Chowder

  8. Corn Mould

  9. Haricot Beans with Lemon, Rosemary and Chili

  10. Kitchri (Savoury Rice Lentils)

  11. Peanut Breakfast Cereal

  12. Oat Fingers

  13. Puffed Corn Cereal

  14. Rice, Cheese and Spinach in Filo Pastry

  15. Stir-Fried Fennel, Celery, Snow Peas and Bean Sprouts

  16. Tempeh with Pine Nuts and Morels

  17. Warm Saffroned Rice Salad with Asparagus and Creoja Sauce

  18. Whole Corn Wafers

  19. Wholemeal Corn Fritters

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Rice Grain Recipes

  1. Basmati Rice with Peas

  2. Fragrant Spice Basmati Rice

  3. Kashe

  4. Lemon Grass and Lime Rice

  5. Nori Rice

  6. Quinoa Tabouli

  7. Rice Pilaf

  8. Pea, Leek and Asparagus Risotto

  9. Risotto with Butternut Squash, Greens and Tomatoes

  10. Spanish Rice

  11. Vegetable Risotto with Saffron

  12. Wild Rice Pilaf with Dried Fruit


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