Stuffed Green Capsicums (Peppers) Recipe

Stuffed Green Capsicums (Peppers) Recipes

Ingredients :

30 g

500 g


1/2 cup




2 tbsp

butter or margarine

minced steak

onion, peeled and chopped

long grain rice, cooked

carrot, scraped and julienned

medium sized green capsicums (peppers)

medium sized tomatoes

sour cream

Method :

Heat the butter in a pan. Sauté mince, onion, rice and carrot until meat is cooked (about 20 minutes). Add a little water to mixture if necessary and simmer another 5 - 10 minutes. Cut top off capsicums carefully and scoop out seeds and membranes. Spoon prepared stuffing into capsicums. Place in a greased casserole dish. Immerse tomatoes in hot water for about 10 minutes then hold under running cold water. Remove tomato skins. Place tomatoes in a dish. Break the tomatoes with a fork and spoon pulp over the capsicums. Bake, covered, in a moderate oven 180C/350F for about 1 hour. To serve, add sour cream to the sauce and reheat.

Serves 4 - 8

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