Crunchy Muesli Recipe

Crunchy Muesli Recipes

Ingredients :

225g / 8 oz (2.75 cups) rolled oats

75g / 3 oz (6 tbsp) unrefined demerara or light muscovado sugar

50g / 2 oz (1/2 cup) hazelnuts or almonds, chopped

50g / 2 oz sultanas or raisins (1/3 cup golden raisins or raisins)

75g / 3 oz (1/2 cup) dried apricots, chopped

Method :

Place the oats, sugar and nuts on a large baking tray, mixing well to blend. Cook under a preheated hot grill until golden, stirring frequently. Allow to cool.

Mix the oat mixture with the sultanas or raisins and apricots, blending well. Store in an airtight tin or container until required.

Serve for breakfast with milk or natural yogurt and sliced fresh fruit in season.

Makes 500g / 18 oz

Variations - There is no standard or 'approved' recipe for muesli and the choice of ingredients to use is very much a personal one, so for variety and to ring the changes in the above basic, try replacing bran flakes or wheat flakes for the rolled oats; pine kernels, pistachios, walnuts, cashews or Brazil nuts for the hazelnuts or almonds; and dried peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, bananas, figs, dates and currants for the sultanas or raisins and apricots. Serve with milk, cream, soured cream, yogurt, fruit juice or fresh fruit in season as liked.

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